Treasurer of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance
Dated:  ______________________________
The Reorganized Board of Directors offered a mediation to compromise on disputes regarding the Board of Directors of FFCHS on January 14, 2016 (Attachment A).  An email was received on January 15, 2016 by Darlene Miles refusing mediation (Attachment B). Attachment C is a second email confirming that Darlene Miles has taken over a position of authority to which she has not been appointed during a property conducted meeting of the Board of Directors of a corporation. As the properly appointed Treasurer, Delores Hall, I retain the banking, records and other Corporation records and will surrender them to properly appointed members of a responsible Board of Directors with qualifications as stated in the Bylaws.
Therefore, the Reorganized Board of Directors dissolves the Board of Directors which existed on January 3, 2016, for gross mismanagement and misconduct which violates the code of conduct in the Articles of Incorporation.  These include: 
(1)        Not keeping corporate records for the last 10 years and not providing banking records, bank account statements, income records, financial statements, receipts, tax filings, secretary of state filings and proof of dispensation of funds in the form of fund raisers, grants, donations, memberships and bequests for the last 10 years or for as long as the 2 corporations have been in existence;
(2)        Minutes of the Board Meetings exist only for the last year, Virginia Sealy refused to keep minutes although she was the Secretary;
(3)        Bylaws of the Corporation were not updated according to the limited number of minutes that were kept. Max Harrison Williams did not make any updates for the last year, although there were changes voted on and are in the minutes that exist;
(4)        (a) Allowing Derrick Robinson to inure benefit to himself by putting FFCHS raised funds into bank accounts in his own personal name and social security number, doing business in the name of FFCHS instead of an account with the Corporation’s Tax ID number and putting all the income in his personal bank accounts and (b) allowing Derrick to keep in his possession (after he was fired from President and Treasurer, a position to which he appointed himself and was never voted into the dual position by the Board) FFCHS property in the form of books, papers, computer, printer, corporate records, and an $8,000 Scio Machine paid for by FFCHS donor funds and various other items, including the Corporate Book and Seal. Derrick Robinson was fired for theft of FFCHS funds in October 2016 and has not returned FFCHS property;
(5)        Inability to hold a Board Meeting. The January 3, 2016 Board members do not know what Robert’s Rules are, do not even have a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and have not read or put into practice rules which govern Boards of Directors and Board Meetings which maintain order during a Board Meeting or approve of minutes,
(6)        Blocking members from attending board meetings and making motions and voting in secret, purposely voting on important matters at moments when other members are not present.  Delores Hall had to leave the meeting on January 10, 2016 for an errand related to her employment and during her absence, the board left remaining after Virginia Sealy and Max Harrison hung up in disgust, voted her off the Board as Treasurer;
(7)        The secretary Virginia Sealy quit during the Board Meeting and refused to take the minutes on January 10, 2016, there was no one to take the minutes and minutes were not recorded making the meeting and any voting that occurred on January 10, 2016 invalid;
(8)        Voting people to the board who are not members of the corporation ($20 membership fee) and allowing them to take part in Board Business;
(9)        Appointing persons who do not hold qualifications stated in the Articles of Incorporation to the Board.  The Treasurer must have knowledge of reading and writing skills of a bookkeeper and Ken Rhoades has a sixth grade education and must have another person read and write for him;
(10)     Gross misbehavior during the January 3 and 10, 2016 board meetings which were disrupted with screaming, name calling and cursing;
(11)     Foul, demeaning language used to female members of the Targeted Community on the part of Eric Johnson (Attachment D) and complaints from 3 women of the Targeted Community complaining, one during the public call on Saturday, that Ken Rhoades made serious and offensive remarks and displayed inappropriate sexual behavior;
(12)     Disrupting the Board meetings and blocking the valid interview of applicants for positions within the Corporation by Shelly Hoyle screaming and cursing on January 10, 2016;
(13)     Bribery by Darlene Miles offering $500 of the $1,040 in the treasury to Delores Hall for returning passwords to electronic media (recording on Delores Hall’s phone and copied to a permanent recording device) after her imaginary appointment to the Board. The President does not have the authority to spend FFCHS donor funds without proper agreement and vote by the Board of Directors and especially not for bribing previous Board Members for FFCHS property  when they are willing to hand over FFCHS documentation to a properly appointed representative of the Corporation; and
(14)     In general, activities and operations not conducive to the continuation of the non-profit.
Delores Hall
Attachment A-Copy of Email to offer Mediation
Attachment B- Reply from Darlene Miles
Attachment C-2nd email from Darlene Miles
Attachment D-Emails containing foul language by Eric Johnson