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Helena L. Howard died at Chestnut Hill Hospital on December 11th, 2010. All indications suggest gastrointestinal complications or possible food poisoning. I was present when the severe stomach pains started. She was admitted into Chestnut Hill rehab in fairly good condition. Four hours later she was dead. Chestnut Hill Hospital refused to authorize an autopsy.
Her death was at least suspicious. She was Gangstalked for ten years. Relentless noise campaign, false accusations and banging on her door, were just some of the hate crime tactics initiated against her. I have reported these harassment's on a dozen occasions and have times, dates and District Control Numbers. She was a tenant at the Philip Murray House located at 6300 Old York Rd, Phila., Pa., 19141. The guilty participants must be held responsible. Please contact the Governor, Mayor, Police Commissioner, DAs Office an Others. Please take some time and Google or research "Gangstalking." or click the following: "Links and Symptoms" Stefan Keith Howard-215-276-0269 or 215-303-3394.