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The human rights violation of tortured victims of surveillance, Targeted Individuals ignored by media and unrecognized on International Day to End Torture

Kenneth Rhoades

On this International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, as human rights defenders rally at the White House to close Guantanamo Bay Prison where torture occurs daily, There is no such rally for an even better hidden group of innocent people, including U.S. citizens, who, according to a former CIA scientist, are kept under surveillance in-community to remotely torture them with new high-tech weapons.

As an act of solidarity with tortured Guantanamo detainees engaged in a month-long hunger strike, Diane Wilson, who has been fasting for 57 days, has been arrested for scaling the White House fence.

Wilson and a host of other human rights defenders are drawing attention in front of the White House to Commander in Chief Barack Obama's orders to illegally daily torture at the Navy prison in Cuba.

On this day recognized by the UN as the Day in Support of Victims of Torture, another group of innocent people, who are also well-hidden by media and others, are also being tortured, according to former CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan.

High-tech surveillance for high-tech torture

These well-hidden, innocent, mostly credible self-identified victims of torture remain publicly unrecognized, despite their continual attempts to gain advocacy.
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With recent whistleblower surveillance leaks opening a crack in the the door for Targeted Individual discussions, Alisha Green commented under a related article on June 13:

"I am SO glad there is finally some national attention on this issue. I have been made a slave in the US by these spies and their terrorist covert harassment techniques. I have a mountain of evidence, but nowhere (as of yet) to show it. I have contacted over 40 times multiple govt agencies, priests, preachers, lawyers, doctors, and public officials to no avail. Most will not even return my calls. The ACLU hung up on me when I gave my name.

Calling themselves Targeted Individuals (TIs), globally, they see what Dr. Duncan reveals in his book and interviews as rays of hope. The sooner more of the public and victim advocate professionals understand what people like Edward Snowden and Dr. Duncan have exposed, the sooner there might be an end to TIs' anonymity, targeting, and torturous suffering.

"Edward Snowden really has done a great thing in coming forward, which is what will free us," commented a TI, Cheryl Locke, adding, "maybe as this unfolds, one day we TI's will be his saving grace. And now we will be able to start making police reports without being seen as crazy."

Synthetic telepathy, not 'mental illness'

Dr. Duncan's latest work is also helping. He authored The Matrix Deciphered, a book about his invention, synthetic telepathy, that is used to torture innocent people under surveillance.

According to Dr. Duncan, synthetic telepathy is pulsed electromagnetic frequencies that is used to:

1. speak inaudible words directly to a persons mind - ("bio-communications"), and
2. torture a person with microwave energy, directed microwave energy that is also pulsed microwave frequencies based on Tesla Technology.

Jesse Ventura and US War Veterans, in separate investigations, confirmed the technology of which Duncan writes in his non-fiction book based on original research.
Dr. Duncan was interviewed on Jesse Ventura's show where he confirmed that the technology he invented is being used to torture targeted Americans for mind control purposes.

Appearing on same Ventura episode was Mark Phillips, another former CIA agent who worked on the original Mk Ultra program.
(Watch on YouTube

The plan is to expand this to the entire population, according to these former government intelligence agents.

"Worse than abuse, they are being tortured," says Dr. Duncan.

“This is the holy grail of weaponry that the national security cabals have been hiding,” said Ted Gunderson, former head of the Los Angeles FBI.

The following are passages from Duncan's book, The Matrix Deciphered':

"The most amazing discovery I found was in trying to find the statistics of how many government drug and directed energy mind control weapons victims there were in the general population of classified schizophrenics. To my surprise, over half of the patients at one hospital believed they were victims of government experiments. Being a torture test subject myself, I have to believe them. It is an epidemic so well concealed by mass programming. I would not have believed what I am saying just two years ago.
I had a friend about 5 years ago that began to become paranoid and believed that government agents followed him and an x-boss was paying people to stalk him. This is the typical script as documented in several CIA programs released through the freedom of information act. I assumed he became paranoid schizophrenic and like what many people do, I wanted to distance myself from him. So one day when he emailed me, I copied the logo of the NSA off of their website and sent a message back to him saying that, "This account has been confiscated by the NSA." as a joke to make him more paranoid. Bad Karma.

Who knew that several years later it would happen to me?

I had another friend who went to Harvard and then Wharton business school who participated in a government program that injected some sort of radiation into him for a brain imaging study. He needed the money to pay for college. The radiation was not supposed to be that damaging. Several years later, we thought he lost his mind. He said he spoke to God, and in one week changed from an outgoing lascivious type, to a hard core born again Christian.

My friends and I thought that he lost his mind. Now, it has happened to me. Our group has dwindled as each of us gets picked off as the years progress. I can explain what happened to my friends now in scientific, historical, and current political terms.
So, reader, if you think my account is an isolated event and you don't feel like you should do anything, it is merely a matter of time.

This is how Nazi Germany went as far as they did. Everyone stood by in disbelief as they heard the accounts of the evil deeds and because of the incredible mass scale and excessive brutality people were unable to accept the accounts as being completely true.

The same strategy is being used again but by the U.S. on its own people. No one will stand up, believe, or even think about that the taboo topic of mental illness might be a cover up just like how the government used what they called retarded children in their radiation experiments for 30+ years.

I believe that the term “radiation” has been purposefully confused in much of the literature. The word “radiation” is used to describe two different kinds of energy release. Classical use of the word “radiation” means that an alpha-particle was released, like from Uranium. But an acceptable use of the word means electromagnetic radiation, which is just photonic energy, i.e. directed energy RADAR. These are possibly more word games and brand confusion techniques of the traitors conducting informational warfare."

Dr. Duncan has also authored the 2010 book. Project Soul Catcher.

"The more open we are about discussing these matters, the more informed other people will be about the reality of OSEH (Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment) and how it affects hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world," Penny LaStrange, another TI, commented. "Thank you so much for sharing this information with people who need to hear it."