Dedicated to Targeted Individuals

Secret Mobile Medical Units Doing Covert Surgeries
72 yr old blind Targeted Individual put to sleep and sexually mutilated
Very early in the morning of January 14, I was knocked unconscious for about 90 minutes.  I must have been at the deepest possible level of unconsciousness, which can be induced by very low magnetron microwave frequencies. They proceeded to use a very powerful microwave beam and I would guess laser and perhaps even maser with pinpoint accuracy. What ensued was ugly.  They did a very bad thing to my body.  They mutilated me in the genital area.  From the front, women have an opening that covers necessary body parts and we have this for certain specific reasons.  Well, they went up vertically about 2 inches and extended that opening so there is no longer normal protection over that part of my body.  Yes, extremely easy access and total vulnerability now, I am sure their goal.  - Contributed by Anonymous Targeted Individual