This hat is a 8 panel newsboy with a small brim. Inside will be an insert which is four layers of metallic copper and nickel fabric, a layer of light blocking rubber fabric and covered with black broadcloth to protect the insert. You can wash the insert in cold water and liquid detergent. Do not wring, just pat dry. You cannot put this into a washer or dryer. AIR DRY only.


You can pick your color, black, olive green, navy blue, or beige. The most ordered is black and blue.  You  will need to instruct as to what size S, M, L, XL


The hat can be worn over the ears. The insert goes into the hat band so the shielding continues into the hat band, to cover the ears, blocking frequencies into and in back of the ears.


$145 includes shipping, tracked and insured.

Newsboy Hat

Newsboy Hat