This hat is shield your head from EMF and light based attacks. It  is not guaranteed to stop V2K. It is a protective garment and is not guaranteed to stop whatever is striking your head. Each case is different due to testing of various technologies.


However, the cap will not allow Wifi, Bluetooth to hit your head.  you can test it by putting your phone inside and calling yourself.


The cap comes with grounding strap, 2 magnets.  Cap has 4 layers of copper and nickel fabric, a layer of light blocking rubber fabric and is covered witih a protective polyester/cotton broadcloth. It has elastic but also a tie to adjust it to your comfort of tightness. It is meant to not allow frequencies across the skin so it should touch your skin all the way around your head tightly but not uncomfortable. The cap comes in black only or perhaps navy blue if that color is available.


The cap has a grounding tab which attaches with the grounding strap. It should be touching unpainted matal or a magnet which will bleed off the frequencies coming towards your head.  It comes with two removable magnets, a grounding strap.


It comes with a shielding mat you can wear somewhere on your body under your clothes.


It also comes with a silicone insert which helps a GREAT DEAL to shield from incoming strikes. You can test this material to see if it is effective in blocking your frequencies.


Grounding is the key to stopping frequencies.


2-3 day shipping is included.


Allow 10-30 days for delivery. Sometimes we have them on hand but they are made to order so each is personally made  for you.  They are made in the order the orders come in.



Shielding cap