Dedicated to Targeted Individuals



"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." -John Muir

This quote by the naturist John Muir is universally applicable. Muir dedicated his life to preserving Sierra Nevada treasures such as the Yosemite Valley. He saw himself as a citizen, not of the city, state or country, but of the universe. His life's writing and drawings are saved for us at the library at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA. He is known as the forefather of the environmental movement and the national park system. Why is this concept important to us? When technology effects the planet with geoengineering, genetically altered food, plants and animals, and ubiquitous computing sensors in everything, it effects humans, and not in a good way. Our autonomy as creative individuals and our physical survival depends on a healthy environment.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, now is the time you will need the full power of faith. Humanity is under extreme trial. Develop whatever makes you stronger within your own self as a person of conscience fully aware of the need for a higher power to guide us. Bible prophecy says that the world political, religious, military and economic powers will give way to God's  Kingdom which will bring about a cleansing of the earth.  The United Nations, which presumes to take God's place in cruelly judging and culling humanity will be destroyed.  Let God fight this war for us. It is his holiness which will bring about righteous rule on the earth, which is the complete opposite of what we see in targeting individuals for torture and death with electronic harassment, chemical spraying and psychological torture. Learn to lean on your Higher Power. Now is the time.
“Come to me, all YOU who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh YOU.  Take my yoke upon YOU and learn from me, for I am mild- tempered and lowly in heart, and YOU will find refreshment for YOUR souls. For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.”
—Matthew 11:28-30
The Infection of Goodness
by Stuart Wilde - October 1, 2012 - Spiritual Practice
Stuart has passed away but his love for people is still here in his writings. Stuart felt he could "secretly infect people with goodness.” He said, "You have to be quite clear in your own energy field, and you can’t get into any pomposity about it, it’s just something you do silently, dispelling negative forces dedicating it to goodness."
Goodness is something that is being lost while the governments of this world are authorizing, teaching, leading in tormenting and torturing people and animals. We need to return to the fruitages of the spirit which are "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." These are thing are come from having a godly attitude towards your fellow humans. 
He had a bio-resonance light-pen that he used to 're-phrase' water, his body or a room, an elevator, crowds, buildings, street corners or whole blocks. He felt he could 'fix' an area of city by shining his light on it.
"We are here to change the earth but we can’t do it head on, it has to be done quietly and gradually. If a person looks you in the eye, say the word ‘love’ silently. If they touch you, say, ‘blessings and peace.’ If they look sick say, ‘good strength’, if they look scared offer them courage. Sometimes I breathe into their hearts the word that I am silently saying. Sometimes, I touch them brushing past and I put a little energy in that way. I only do that if I know they are sick.
You can leave little bubbles of energy in the street or park at about knee height for kids that come past. They know. It is just the act of establishing goodness, moving energy or re-phasing reality so it is less glue-like and people feel less fear and impediments."
The light pens help you but you don’t have to use them. You can use your mind and your breath and your hands. It’s just caring and love that you are offering and the affirmation that says you have the silent power to reclaim spots of the planet back to the light. And you can. Evil never moves until you shove it, so everyone has to do his or her little bit.
We are here to rescue each other and bring people back to sanity and well being, but we have to do it silently without people knowing and without expecting any recognition or accolades. If you show off or make a performance of it all you become devilish and the Forces of Light may rub you out as a false prophet rather than pick you up.
Look at the God-force, it is everywhere, yet it doesn’t advertise its presence, it is silent and secret. We are secretly infecting the world with goodness and eventually that will spread to others and they in turn will affect the rest of the world. A silent goodness will now drift over the land like an early morning mist and one day we will wake to find there is no more fear and pain and all the darkness is gone.

Mer Ka Ba Meditation

The Teaching of Spherical Breathing
All-That-Is Waving in Resonance with the Vibes
by Llan Starkweather
The vibrational energies of earth harmonically support the electromagnetic force of all living things and the game we play of reality. Holographic and quantum theory affirm that the observer and the observed are one: the body is actually blinking on and off and is sensitive to the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies. While technology in the hands of a secret government, with its overt and covert hold on minds and bodies, is careening down the telescoping aisle of time, it is accompanied by a tremendous acceleration of possible consciousness toward Knowing that the reality that we intend for ourselves is indeed tentatively located in but a few grids within the holographic infinity that Matters, the All-That-Is: by our pranic energy there manifest we yet create our own reality. This book is a piece of the ever-growing network of dissent urgently seeking a window denied by all media to a consciousness of compassion for All-That-Is. Global agony comes to dominate a book about earth and human energies.