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Support for Targeted Humans

We are a Florida non-profit organized for the benefit and support of the Targeted community. We have a website, a newsletter, conference call, support conferences for individuals and various publications, including a booklet and brochures.

Citizens Against Harmful Technology

3021 Kumquat Drive

Edgewater, FL 32141


$15/15 minutes

$30/30 minutes


EIN #82-1580154

This website is for the education and support of the victims of organized War on Terror programs, victims of Biological Warfare, Electronic and Microwave Harassment, Chemicals and Gassings, Poisonings and Gangstalking. These are all weapons in the silent war against the peoples of the earth which remove human rights. These programs were designed to make slaves of us all. Spread a little love today wherever you can and show your fellow humans you are in favor of the greatest of all things - LOVE.




Memberships are $50.00 per year.

You may join here or order in the store.

With the membership, you get a psychiatric living will, a free 60 page booklet "How Are You Being Targeted", a tri-fold brochure about directed energy and the wireless body area network, a press release about the WBAN, free personal conferences and a numbered membership card.

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Moderator:  Neal

Time:  Sunday, 8:30 p.m. EST

Platform:  Free Conference Call

Phone: (605) 475-4779

Access #:  607080#

Online Meeting ID:  electricrose222

1. We need someone with excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word to reformat the newsletters into a document which can be sent to people who do not have compters or phones.

2. We need help placing entries on the TI Registry Map. This requires the ability to multi-task between documents, place data into an excel worksheet and then fill in the blanks on the map menu, This requires a good computer and a secure connection. People from all over the world are signing up and this task has become monumental. Too much for 1-2 people.

The Newsletter comes out on Sundays. All newsletters are under the HOME tab on the NEWSLETTER page. .Please sign up for the newsletter.

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Mission:  The purpose of the corporation is to:


(1) bring people together to protect themselves and future generations from harmful technology,


(2) support victims of harmful technology and how it relates to their civil rights and their right to maintain their human autonomy,


(3) educate and support refugees of cold civil war (where the war is covert, undeclared, or silent technological war),


(4) educate and support persons who have been attacked or assaulted by human experimentation, covert organized stalking, unauthorized surgical procedures, implants and unlawful stimulation of implants, biological, chemical, nuclear and directed energy weapons, covert physical and electronic surveillance and harassment, psychological and mind control technology (including but not limited to head/brain implants, artificial intelligence, telepathy, medical telemetry), and


(5) connect them with services and resources which can help them whether by literature, legal assistance, conference calls, conventions, social networks, videos, websites, professionals, universities, philanthropists, scientific studies, or any other means by which people can be brought together to benefit by exchange of services, advice, experiences, spiritual meetings and prayer, photographs, documents, billboards, public literature campaigns or legal demonstrations all of which are intended to be of non-violent and legal means which uphold (i) the US Constitution and its amendments, (ii) International humanitarian rights, (iii) the Geneva Convention and (iv) the Nuremberg Code and its amendments.

May you be uplifted & empowered by the integrity and professionalism that CAHT will provide in the best interest of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness for all people of the earth.

Neal Chevrier

Skizit Powers

Citizens Against Harmful Technology


Support for Targeted Individuals